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Komachi Hanamikoji

Komachi Hanamikoji

Birthday: 14th February
Location: Osaka, Japan

Born and bred in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto, 23 year young Komachi is what you would call a Kyoto Beauty who knows exactly how to wear a Kimono flawlessly. Although she has moved to Osaka to work in her own "Snack-bar", she returns to Kyoto weekly to attend traditional Japanese dance lessons and visiting galleries.

Notwithstanding her penchants for all things beautiful and traditional, Komachi said clearly that she has no plan for taking female hormones. Her hobbies are K-pop (Korean pop music), Sake-tasting and aroma therapies. Apparently she is also a fully licensed masseur specialised in oil massages.

In sex, Komachi likes it wild. Her biggest turn-on is either taking the virginity of an innocent youngster, or having a wild outdoor gang bang. Her sensitive spots are nipples and her asspussy. "I am rather capable sexually", she commented matter-of-factly and you could hardly detect any vainglory in that self-assessment.

Komachi is attracted to men who are "40 years or older" and suits a pair of eye glasses. Meanwhile she also likes guys who look like he could be in a K-pop group - whatever that means!

Height: 164cm (5ft 4")
Weight: 52kg (114 lbs)
Stats: 79/58/80 (32/23/31)