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Karin Hanasaki

Karin Hanasaki

Birthday: 21st November
Location: Kanagawa

Thirty-two year young Karin is not a working girl, instead she hostesses at a neahalf club in Kanagawa. She`s never been in any adult publications before so here you are another porn virgin for our lucky SMJ members.

Karin's grandmother on her mother`s side is Russian so that makes Fuuka a quarter Russian. Her Russian mix could`ve explained her rather striking features. She was such a good-looking guy before transition that she actually worked as a professional male fashion model. And yes she knows how to work her poses in front of the camera!

Karin had her breasts put in and those babies look wonderful. So does her big shecock. Armed with such a killer body, and a gorgeous face that reminds me of a popular `it` girl, a Japanese celebrity called Yukina Kinoshita, I won`t be surprised if Karin breaks some sensational success stories in 2011.

Karin is rather passionate about cooking. She cares a lot about her family especially her mom and loves to cook for them.

Karin's caring nature does not only extend to family. When having sex she loves to please and will make sure her partner have as much a good time as herself. Another good news is she luuves sex. To qualify to be her boyfriend, she summarized that you would have to love sex!

A star in the making for 2011 perhaps?

Height: 168cm (5ft 5)
Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
Stats: 90/66/88 (35/26/35)