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Adriana Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez

Birthday: 15th September
Location: Houston, Texas

Adriana, young, Hispanic trans girl from Texas. Outside of the bedroom she can at first appear awkward and reserved. Ironically/unironically a 'gamer girl' she plays on Xbox One and her other interests include anime, manga, comics, physics, etc. In the bedroom she's a bit more experienced, bold and adventurous enjoying things such as; frotting, mutual masturbation, giving and receiving head, being fucked, spanking, light bondage, being choked, having her hair pulled, giving footjobs, stockings, long socks, pigtails, she has a daddy kink and she's open to most things in general. She's an escort and an aspiring adult actress exploring opportunities in order to fund transition and hopefully eventually have some surgery (she plans on keeping her dick at this time however).