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Birthday: 17th July
Location: Osaka, Japan

Thirty-two year old Cocoa comes from Okayama, a place neighboring the better known Hiroshima Prefecture. She currently lives in Osaka and works as a `Delivery Health` (Japanese euphemism for) outcall girl.

Cocoa loves playing the guitar. She was the leader of a Visual Kei music band (a a sub-genre of J-pop or J-rock characterized by make-up, dressing up and over-all androgynous aesthetics) in her teens. Her other hobbies include singing Karaoke, and you would never believe this, temple pilgrimage! Her favorite temple is the Shinmizu Temple which she visits at least 5 times a year. But for places overseas Cocoa has only visited the United States once for a short stay of one week.

Cocoa is attracted to men who look good in a suit, such as Keanu Reeves or Tom Cruise.

Cocoa is a complete bottom. She loves to cum by being ass-fucked and jerked off at the same time. Enjoy the gorgeously tanned body of this newhalf she-babe!

Height: 170cm (5ft6)
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
Stats: 80/58/82 (31/23/32)